A recent interview with his Bruce-ness entitled Bruce Campbell Keeps His Chin Up! Justin's Bruce Campbell page! Lots of good stuff, home of BC Central, the fan club, and recommended by the Bruce-ster himself! The Official Bruce Campbell site, the best there is, and I'm sooo jealous! The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr. ! Pictures, facts, plots, silliness, all you could ask for. (...and since when was Bruce the only attractive man on the show?) will show exactly when and where Bruce is on TV this month!

Here I used to have a link to a place where you could get the mp3 of the Brisco County Jr. Theme but since the link is dead, I'm going to go ahead and just give it to you...

Looky, an actual award!
How novel!

The more you press
this button the
happier I get.

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Wow! They linked me and I don't even remember asking them! I feel so special! Does that mean people are actually VISITING here? How novel!

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The Network for Entertainment Fans. Not only did they give me a link, they gave me a link image. Kinda gives you a squishy feeling right here, don't it?

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