And now, thanks to the everflowing kindness of Peggy and Kathie, we bring you the text of the most recent AOL chat with none other than the talented, handsome and witty Bruce Campbell...

Bruce Campbell AOL Chat - Sep. 29, 1997

OnlineHost: Bruce Campbell best known for his films "Evil Dead" and "Evil Dead II: Dead By Dawn," made the foray into television, first starring in the highly touted FOX series "The Adventures of Brisco County Jr.," and now directing several episodes and guest-starring in the number-one syndicated series "Hercules: The Legendary Journeys." Welcome!

AOLiveMC7: Welcome to AOLive Bruce Campbell:)

BCmpbell: Howdy.

AOLiveMC7: Are you ready to answer questions? Our first question is from LDarr6004:

Question: Are you coming out with a book?

BCmpbell: I'm working on it, but it's gonna be a long, ugly process.

AOLiveMC7: Googs 222 wants to know:

Question: My friend and I had a argument. Were you the guy that died in the beginning of Congo ~ I say yes he says no.

BCmpbell: I say yes - did you win or lose money?

MegK: LL LOL too

AOLiveMC7: Hollydrea asks:

Question: What do you feel has been the wisest move in your career?

BCmpbell: Learning to say no...ya gotta do that to move to other areas, other opportunities.

AOLiveMC7: Fireburn1 wants to know:

Question: In Army of Darkness, how did they make all those skeletons walk around and stuff?

BCmpbell: It was a lot of stuff - people in suits, animation, puppets - the whole shebang!

AOLiveMC7: RVGleasen is curious about:

Question: Hiya, Bruce! I know you're already a popular celebrity, but has your role as Autolycus, somehow, made you even more famous now?

BCmpbell: TV in general gets your mug out to the masses much more - it mainly has helped to reduce the "he's Ash" factor - Brisco helped do that too...

AOLiveMC7: Aztec 1046 wants advice:

Question: Do you have any advice or words of wisdom for your fans? I think its so Awesome that I get to meet you!

BCmpbell: My advice is simple - if you want to get into the film biz - be prepared to work your a** off...

AOLiveMC7: Shragler asks:

Question: Does Bruce play Quake or any other game that was inspired by AOD and Evil dead ?

BCmpbell: No - I just say the words...

AOLiveMC7: MAPARBC92 has this question for you:

Question: Bruce I was at your homepage and saw that you are suppose to be on Time Cop on 10/06, but I just watched tonight's episode and it showed next weeks trailer. It wasn't the one with you. Do they usually mix things up like that??

BCmpbell: Yeah - ya gotta stay tuned, I guess...

AOLiveMC7: MRFREAK3 asks:

Question: What is your favorite achievement as an actor and director?

BCmpbell: I liked doing "Brisco" and the ED series because of working w/Sam Raimi. Other than that, there are a smattering of individual shows that I enjoyed...

AOLiveMC7: Shadohawk asks:

Question: Hi Bruce, A big fan here.....a question though, do you find the physical part of the job tough? Have you ever got hurt?

BCmpbell: Yes, several times, but to quote Larry Fine of the Three stooges..."The pain goes away on payday."

MegK: hehehe

AOLiveMC7: ZzFIREzZ wants to know:

Question: In the scene where the skeleton army finally busts down the door, it sounds like they are saying "kill their children first!" what are they actually saying?

BCmpbell: They aren't saying anything - they're skeletons...

AOLiveMC7: Autolyca asks:

Question: Hey Bruce! What's going to happen to your role on Ellen?

BCmpbell: "Ed" is dead and gone - Ellen has moved on. It was fun while it lasted.

AOLiveMC7: MovEmonst wants to know:

Question: Does the cult following of Evil Dead surprise you?

BCmpbell: Not really - they are very extreme - things like that get noticed in our kooky society.

AOLiveMC7: RScott262 is curious about:

Question: What was connection to the original "Darkman" movie? I saw you make a cameo at the end of the movie and was curious as to why?

BCmpbell: I did it as a gag for the fans - other than that - no connection.

AOLiveMC7: TCheek22 asks a similar question with a different twist:

Question: You've played two characters on TV from different time periods was that more difficult than current time and which do you like best "Brisco" or Xena?"

BCmpbell: Both the same because they were/are very different. As an actor, all that "cop" stuff gets old.

AOLiveMC7: VicForlor asks:

Question: Are you as quick at one liners as in your movies?

BCmpbell: ........................not quite.....

AOLiveMC7: WoofDadee asks:

Question: Is the new video by The Foo Fighters inspired by Evil Dead? Cause it really looks like it is to me.

BCmpbell: I've heard that, but I haven't seen it myself...

AOLiveMC7: Maddox001 wants to know:

Question: Are you through with your character Ash? If so is it because of the lack of a screenplay or you just feel that Army of Darkness was the best way to end the movies involving him?

BCmpbell: It's not my choice - nobody is interested in forking over the dough - it's an economic thing...

AOLiveMC7: JoshBot asks:

Question: Who came up the classic "boomstick" line--You, Sam, or Ivan?

BCmpbell: Most likely Sam.

AOLiveMC7: Dezbot asks:

Question: What's the status of "The Night Man" (I hope I got the title right)? Are you still going to direct?

BCmpbell: That sucker fell into the great financing void...anybody got $750,000?

AOLiveMC7: Cheryl 49 wants to know:

Question: Do you enjoy interacting with fans at a convention? Or is that experience a little on the "scary" side? (As in Shatner's famous SNL skit, "Get out of your parents' basement!")

BCmpbell: I love to interact - as long as I am surrounded by large, burly men with dogs...ha!

AOLiveMC7: JOHNNYSOU is a big fan:

Question: Hey Bruce, I'm a BIG fan, this is an honor for me. Who are your favorite actors that you have worked with or would want to in the future?

BCmpbell: I want to work with Robert Redford - or Robert Duvall. Either one will suit me.

AOLiveMC7: Godat asks:

Question: Is it true that you do not accept the European Ending of Army as the real one?

BCmpbell: False - that is the real one. These internet rumors are MADDENING!

AOLiveMC7: TBear319 wants to know:

Question: Are you going to do more AOL chats like this in the future?

BCmpbell: Let's hope...better ask the AOL folks...

MegK: :)

AOLiveMC7: Conchita8 asks:

Question: If you had to pick the best book you read as a child what would it be?

BCmpbell: The Hobbit.

AOLiveMC7: Stainlss asks:

Question: What sort of future roles would you like to do? More westerns, sci-fi, horror?

BCmpbell: I want to do every possible variety of things that I can - it's my version of "Job rotation."

AOLiveMC7: Polarizem wants to know:

Question: Do you plan on doing any more voice overs for video games, such as "Broken Helix"?

BCmpbell: Yes - I enjoyed that very much - I'm dallying with some now...

AOLiveMC7: Scoobyboy asks:

Question: Bruce, Is there someone with you, or are you at your own Computer?

BCmpbell: Me - typos and all...

AOLiveMC7: VrRob wants to know:

Question: I've been one of your biggest fans for years (but I hope to lose some weight soon...). How did you get involved with the French movie La Patinoire, and have you finished shooting your part already?

BCmpbell: I got the script sent to me in New Zealand - I guess I have some phony name in other countries - one or two...and yes, I'm done.

AOLiveMC7: WMang wants to know:

Question: How long does it take you to answer all of your e-mail every day?

BCmpbell: I log on twice a day...and it's not enough...oh well...

AOLiveMC7: WGTH wants to know:

Question: Bruce, now that there has been a Hercules comic and now a Xena comic...when do you expect we'll see a "King of Thieves" guest appearance or comic of your own?

BCmpbell: Call Universal - get 'em on the phone!!!

AOLiveMC7: Primus885 asks:

Question: I know there are plans to make a Spiderman Movie. I think you would be perfect for the role. If offered do you believe you would take it?

BCmpbell: No, I'll turn Jim Cameron down - ha! I have no idea, I doubt it'll come my way. The more expensive flicks become, the higher up the food chain they have to go.

AOLiveMC7: Jrmagg is curious about:

Question: Is that you in that old soap opera clip used in "Fargo"? What show is that from?

BCmpbell: It's from a cheezeball soap called "Generations." They only way I could get in that flick.

AOLiveMC7: JKrapf007 asks:

Question: How do you feel about all those fan pages devoted to you? One which I proudly own.

BCmpbell: I feel fine - glad to see folks have a LOT of time on their hands...

AOLiveMC7: NegativeX wants to know:

Question: How do you psyche yourself up for shooting intense physical acting like in Evil Dead 2?

BCmpbell: Sam Raimi beats me with a stick...and I'm almost not kidding...

AOLiveMC7: MidnightE wants to know:

Question: Bruce, in the final scene of "Evil Dead" when Raimi attached a camera to a motorcycle and ran you over with it to get the effect of "Evil" coming after you, was that a fake scream because of the "Evil", or a real scream because a motorcycle ran you over?

BCmpbell: Both...

AOLiveMC7: Lyzaard asks:

Question: I am aware that you enjoy mother nature....are you involved in any environmental preservation groups?

BCmpbell: I am just a member to a few, but not a spokesman. The wilderness society doesn't like people with chainsaws - ha!

AOLiveMC7: RaGe3383 is wondering about:

Question: Hi Bruce I'm a huge fan and was wondering why they didn't use the other ending of AOD, where you dig through the rocks and see the end of the world?

BCmpbell: Because the studio felt it was a "downer." Go figure...

AOLiveMC7: OuterSpic wants to know:

Question: I love your quote "If you ain't got socks, you ain't got much, but if you got 'em, you might as well pull 'em up." how did you come up with it?

BCmpbell: I stole it from Sam Raimi!

AOLiveMC7: FrE sTrTr asks:

Question: Hi Bruce! I am a big fan. I was just wondering why you put Freddy's glove in the basement of the cottage in Evil Dead 2?

BCmpbell: It's a long story - there is a history of secret "on camera" communication going between Sam and Wes Craven.

AOLiveMC7: Asteroth2 wants to know:

Question: Whose idea was it to use the words from, "The Day the Earth Stood Still"?

BCmpbell: Most likely Mr. Twisto - Sam Raimi.

AOLiveMC7: ARHAPH asks:

Question: Very big fan here. 1st question: What was the eyeball made out of in CONGO? 2nd question: Have you ever played the DOOM conversion game based on Army Of Darkness? Take care!

BCmpbell: 1. Plastic. 2. No...

AOLiveMC7: KATS1041 wants to know:

Question: This is from a big fan as well...Do you prefer to have small parts in big budget movies, like "Escape from LA" or the leads in smaller things, like "Evil Dead?"

BCmpbell: A little of both - gotta keep the pundits guessing...

AOLiveMC7: Aztec 1046 asks:

Question: When Xena was stuck in Autolycus' body were you doing the stunts or was someone else? If you did how many retakes were there?

BCmpbell: Stunts? I don't remember that many - I guess it was me...

AOLiveMC7: BAT369 asks:

Question: Bruce, I loved Brisco County Jr and was sorry to see it get cancelled. I was very happy to see you return as the King of Thieves. Any chance you'll get your own show, or will you be appearing more often on Xena?

BCmpbell: I think Auto will come and go like the wind - beyond that...I like my freedom...

AOLiveMC7: LDarr6004 wants to know:

Question: Who are some of your favorite talk show personalities?

BCmpbell: I don't have any - personally, I don't care for them -gads!

AOLiveMC7: Primus885 wants to know:

Question: I really loved your stint on Homicide. Any plans to return to drama. Perhaps even to Homicide?

BCmpbell: Well, I do them when they present themselves - I keep an eye out, but they don't come along that often...

AOLiveMC7: Akwahine asks:

Question: Where did you come up w/the idea of "The Book of the Dead"?

BCmpbell: I didn't - Sam Raimi claims it was "One hot summer night in a dream."

AOLiveMC7: Rain2944 asks:

Question: Hey Bruce. Do you really think that you're "theory" about actors getting scanned into a computer so they don't need to do a lot of acting is going to be a reality eventually?

BCmpbell: Yep. I'm gonna go into insurance...

AOLiveMC7: Dezbot wants to know:

Question: How soon until yours and Sam's short movies are released on videotape? Have you decided which ones to put out to the masses?

BCmpbell: No, not sure when or which ones. Better just put the ol' patience hat on...

AOLiveMC7: CYL73 asks:

Question: Bruce, did you enjoy doing Cold Blooded ( the game) for computer?

BCmpbell: Very much - but that one might not see the light of day - tied up in corporate nonsense...

AOLiveMC7: Googs 222 asks:

Question: Bruce, you were GREAT in Army of Darkness, are you doing any other films like that?

BCmpbell: How can you do more flicks like that? One is enough...

AOLiveMC7: MW RANDOM wants to know:

Question: Why did you decide to direct as well as act? Isn't it kind of hard to direct yourself?

BCmpbell: It was thrust upon me - it's hard, but the day sure goes fast!

AOLiveMC7: MaulSmash asks:

Question: Hey Bruce, will Running Time play in regular theaters or do you not know?

BCmpbell: We're gonna start shopping it in December - done with the festivals now. There will be some college shows though - stay tuned to for updates...

AOLiveMC7: Googs 222 asks:

Question: What was your favorite movie experience ~ Congo, McHales Navy, or Army of Darkness?

BCmpbell: Well, I've been doing the usual stuff - TV "Time Cop" and an odd-ball flick in France - and art film called "The Ice Rink." It'll be back to New Zealand in Nov.

AOLiveMC7: JLCA71 wants to know:


BCmpbell: BTW, those flicks mentioned above weren't exactly "fun." Most flicks are hard work...

AOLiveMC7: TinJar asks:

Question: Have the Evil Dead movies ever been run in movie houses consecutively, like a midnight madness festival, and have you ever guested at one of these?

BCmpbell: Should I be embarrassed? No, the ED flicks have escaped that fate - not sure why...

AOLiveMC7: La Mary wants to know:

Question: Bruce, I've been watching re-runs of Lost in Space every day, and it makes me think of you. Who was your favorite character on LIS?

BCmpbell: Bloop.

AOLiveMC7: Ramsey113 asks:

Question: Bruce, I'm going to be doing some writing for the Xena/Hercules role playing game. Any suggestions on how you'd like your character written?

BCmpbell: LOTS of funny dialogue...

AOLiveMC7: Guybrush7 asks:

Question: First off, Bruce, I'm a big fan, etc. etc. Okay, now, do you have any plans to be in Sam's new one, Jack Frost? Also, I know it's not your film, but how's that coming along?

BCmpbell: That flick has not been confirmed...

AOLiveMC7: RinaKiel says:

Question: Who do we need to write to get you own show again? We loved Brisco.

BCmpbell: Write your local banker - let him cough the dough...I'm doing fine, though - thanks.

AOLiveMC7: Bruce, you seem to be very diversified, what is your philosophy on life?

BCmpbell: That's a biggie - I don't and weave...float like a butterfly...etc.

AOLiveMC7: Dragon99A asks:

Question: Bruce, just to get an actor's perspective...what kind of movies do you like to watch?

BCmpbell: Not very many - mostly stuff about characters. When the summer flicks come, I run!

AOLiveMC7: Gromit676 asks:

Question: Did you think that "Crimewave" would help start a lot of careers? (Coen Brothers etc.)

BCmpbell: We never thought about stuff like that - we were just happy to finally have a budget.

AOLiveMC7: Winpup6 wants to know:

Question: When is your next convention appearance? Will you do another Live action Bad lands?

BCmpbell: I'm gonna be in San Diego soon (Herc) - check out for postings.

AOLiveMC7: Zeus Powe wants to know:

Question: If there were any sequels to Congo, Army of Darkness etc. would you be interested in directing them?

BCmpbell: Anything but irrelevant Q's...

AOLiveMC7: GerardS3 asks:

Question: Have you seen any scripts with Autolycus interacting with Odysseus?

BCmpbell: No. That's pretty darn specific. I'm sure it'd be fun...

AOLiveMC7: BmblBToon asks:

Question: How did you get your start in acting? Were you in high school theatre or anything like that?

BCmpbell: I saw my dad in a play when I was 8 - that pretty much set the ball rolling. He looked like he was having fun - sounded good to me.

AOLiveMC7: Jbug59 wants to know:

Question: Bruce, WOW I'm really talking to you!! Do you ice skate or horseback ride?

BCmpbell: Yes...and yes...I played hockey when I was a kid - the horse stuff came about because of Brisco.

AOLiveMC7: Many fans, including TinJar want to know:

Question: How do I subscribe to your Fanzine? Is there a web page for you or the Dead series?

BCmpbell: My official web page is: - visit often! It's got heaps of info...

AOLiveMC7: SpicySinn asks:

Question: Your so intense, I can picture you as being the main character in John Grishams "The Partner", Have you read his books?

BCmpbell: No, but my 13 year old daughter eats 'em up.

AOLiveMC7: Jrmagg wants to know:

Question: Have you kept any prized props from your films?

BCmpbell: No, I kinda want to move on when I finish stuff - my brother has the original ED shotgun.

AOLiveMC7: Llamajuic asks:

Question: Bruce: Where did you go to school for film and theater? What is closer to your heart?

BCmpbell: I am an "untrained" actor - I felt it was more relevant for me to learn on the job. For me, it makes sense.

AOLiveMC7: FeebleFro asks:

Question: You have been in two movies with Ernie Hudson. What was it like to work with him? (I'm a huge fan of both of you.)

BCmpbell: I like theater, BTW, but am more in tune with film...Ernie is a real gentleman. Couldn't be a nicer guy...

AOLiveMC7: Magrocker asks:

Question: Bruce, are you now, or have you ever been, a John Waters fan? And would you be in one of his movies?

BCmpbell: John and I aren't real tight...

AOLiveMC7: JKrapf007 asks:

Question: TNT calls you half Indiana Jones, half James Bond and 100% cool, do you feel that describes you?

BCmpbell: Almost - I'm way cooler...

AOLiveMC7: KENS4D says:

Question: Bruce do you intend to do more cartoon style characters? You rock out when you're a hero.

BCmpbell: Well, I don't look for specific stuff - I usually trip over it or it finds me...we'll see.

AOLiveMC7: Godat wants to know:

Question: Have you considered being on Space Ghost Coast to Coast? You would make a great guest on that show.

BCmpbell: I have heard of it and we have dallied, but nothing firmed up - who knows?

AOLiveMC7: XAKARY1 wants to know:

Question: Some artists prefer not to watch their own do you feel about watching your performances?

BCmpbell: I like to watch dailies - it's how you can fine tune the mistakes you make - I think it's a horrible crime for actors to be ignorant of a very technical process.

AOLiveMC7: Deferred wants to know:

Question: Bruce, are you an avid reader, and what books interest you?

BCmpbell: Real books - I think it's all way more interesting than fiction. Good Question...

AOLiveMC7: What kind of real books, Bruce?

BCmpbell: I like history - so we can see where we came from and I like travel stuff - so I know where I'm goin' - ha!

AOLiveMC7: Wow!! Where has all of our time gone? We have time for one more question. Shylady00 wants to know:

Question: Hi Bruce, I love your character, King of thieves, how many episodes of Hercules and Xena will you be in this coming season?

BCmpbell: At least a couple each - it depends on how much of a break Lucy and Kevin need - I'm kind of a for "Herc" this week!

AOLiveMC7: Bruce, as usual, you are a great guest. Thank you so very much for being with us. Do you have any final comments?

BCmpbell: And how - thanks to al the devoted folks out there - keep watchin' and I'll keep suffering for you!

AOLiveMC7: Thank you audience for your excellent questions. Good night!

BCmpbell: Yes indeed!

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