And now, thanks to the everflowing kindness of Peggy and Kathie, we bring you the text of Monday, Nov. 11th's AOL chat with none other than the talented, handsome and witty Bruce Campbell...

Bruce Campbell AOL Chat - Nov.11,1996

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AOLiveMC1: Hello and welcome, Bruce Campbell.
AOLiveMC1: It is nice to have you with us this evening.

BCmpbell: Thanks! Hello cyber knuckleheads!

AOLiveMC1: Are you ready to answer some questions, Bruce?

BCmpbell: Heck yeah!

AOLiveMC1: Here's our first audience question:

AOLiveMC1: Freak518 wants to know:
Question: I wanted to know if Bruce had any plans to work with Sam Raimi again and if that included another Evil Dead sequel.

BCmpbell: I have always worked with Sam in varying degrees..
BCmpbell: I have worked on "Herc" & "Gothic," etc.
BCmpbell: There are currently NO plans for another sequel...

AOLiveMC1: MnLtKnigh asks:
Question: I'm glad TNT is airing reruns of "Brisco County, Jr."--will there ever be a reunion movie?

BCmpbell: Not in our lifetime, I'm afraid...

AOLiveMC1: Spock732 asks:
Question: Can you,please, tell us more about the character you lend your voice to in "Cold Blooded?"

BCmpbell: The guy is Half Shark, half tough guy - go figure..

AOLiveMC1: TJW81 wants to know:
Question: Hello Mr. Campbell, you are my favorite actor! Do you know if there is a website where i can see a personal biography?
AOLiveMC1: The answer is on its way folks!

BCmpbell: Yep -

AOLiveMC1: These web addresses are murder!
AOLiveMC1: Chris1014 is interested in finding out:
Question: I love to watch Lois and Clark.. i never realized that you were a regular.. who do you play... thanks.. chrissy

BCmpbell: I'm not a regular - I have been on several times...
BCmpbell: I played a criminal, Bill Church Jr.

AOLiveMC1: El Pollo9 asks:
Question: In Evil Dead 2, when Ash is listening for his hand in the wall, he does this neat ear twitch. Can you really do that or was that done with a string?

BCmpbell: I can really do that - I'm highly trained...

AOLiveMC1: Wow!
AOLiveMC1: Rperry68 asks:
Question: Bruce, I was REALLY disappointed when Brisco was the time, I thought it was the best show on tv. Why do you think Fox nixed it? (by the way, Army of Darkness has a permanent spot in my video collection!!!)

BCmpbell: Because Fox is geared for urban audiences - we appealed to rural...

OnlineHost: We are talking to "Evil Dead" Actor/Producer Bruce Campbell.

AOLiveMC1: MARCYJL has a comment:
Question: Hi, I was the ad for the VA lottery commercial you were in. Thanks for helping us out, you were great.

BCmpbell: Gee thanks - cough up the residual checks!

AOLiveMC1: GriffonEG asks:
Question: Greetings, Bruce! :> So uh, Are you gonna be appearing any more in the show, Ellen?

BCmpbell: Yeah - at least 3 more - stay tuned!

AOLiveMC1: Spock732 has another question:
Question: When will the episodes of Xena, that you will star in, air?

BCmpbell: Sorry, don't know yet - check those local listings!

AOLiveMC1: Barbara S asks:
Question: Hi, Bruce! Other than great scripts, what do you most enjoy reading? BCmpbell: I am a reality guy - I find it far more interesting than fiction...

OnlineHost: Our guest tonight is "Evil Dead" Actor/Producer Bruce Campbell.

AOLiveMC1: CCoving73 asks:
Question: Mr. Bruce, I would like to know , Who does your casting?..

BCmpbell: I get my phony parts in a number of ways - some through agents, some friends, etc. It all depends...

BCmpbell: why, do you want to hire me?

AOLiveMC1: From Spock732:
Question: Bruce, how was filming "herbie the love bug?" Discuss.

BCmpbell: "Herbie" was swell - it's fun talking to an inanimate object...

AOLiveMC1: CCW524 asks:
Question: I loved the Evil Dead trilogy. I know there were a lot of problems with the third installment. Were you happy with the last movie?

BCmpbell: Pseudo. The studio made it into a different beast...
BCmpbell: either way, though, to be fair, it was always going to be a dumbell film...

AOLiveMC1: DROSZ asks:
Question: bruce, what was it like working on "intruder"? emil sitka is a staple of all three stooges, did you interact with him much off screen?

BCmpbell: I worked with Emil more in "Crimewave." He was the only human being I've...
BCmpbell: ever known to do a quadruple take...

AOLiveMC1: Texas7610 wants to know:
Question: What is the latest on your television series development deal with Disney?

BCmpbell: It's going to be a long, winding road...many moons will go by before I have a concrete answer...

AOLiveMC1: CCW524 asks:
Question: Would you ever consider writing a book on your film and television career and the people you've worked with? Given your acting history I think it would be very interesting.

BCmpbell: Sure, I'm sure we could sell a couple dozen copies...

BCmpbell: You have heard wrong, pilgrim...

AOLiveMC1: DROSZ wants to know:
Question: i hear evil dead 4 is in the works, give us some details here in michigan.... more cameos? (ie bridgett fonda, etc... ).

BCmpbell: Soprry, jumped the gun...
AOLiveMC1: ooopsie! My bad!

AOLiveMC1: TheChump asks:
Question: Bruce, I enjoyed your hidden cameo in Fargo; will we be able to find you in the next Coen brothers film?

BCmpbell: Watch it and look VERY closely. You may even have to see it 4 or 5 times...

OnlineHost: We are talking to "Evil Dead" Actor/Producer Bruce Campbell.

AOLiveMC1: DEATHSTAB wants to know:
Question: any way we can get in contact with you for things such as autographs, bruce?

BCmpbell: I'll post it here and now - my stinkin' e-maiul address: Just please keep it to one...
BCmpbell: question per e-mail for my sake!

AOLiveMC1: DEATHSTAB wants to pick your brain:
Question: bruce...what's your personal philosophy?

BCmpbell: Shoot straight and tell the truth - oh, and drink your milk, clean your room, etc.

AOLiveMC1: BSiao asks:
Question: How tall are you?

BCmpbell: 6'1" with boots on.

AOLiveMC1: Dezbot asks:
Question: Please tell us about the film you are set to direct. I believe it is called "The Nightmare man"?

BCmpbell: Close enough - "Night Man." No start date yet...

AOLiveMC1: Darrksyyd wants to know:
Question: Bruce, was that you under the makeup in Darkman?

BCmpbell: Yeah, at the very end. Rent it, just to make sure...

AOLiveMC1: ImHate asks:
Question: how long have you been friends with Sam Raimi, and when did you guys start working together?

BCmpbell: I met the poor sap in 1975 in drama class - his pantomime sucked and we became pals...

AOLiveMC1: TabacRoya asks:
Question: Bruce, Why did you choose the title "Army of Darkness" over "Midevil Dead"?

BCmpbell: The cheezeball studio wanted to keep the nam,e different than the other two films. Brain surgeons!

OnlineHost: We are talking to "Evil Dead" Actor/Producer Bruce Campbell.

BCmpbell: Those are my real typos, gang.

AOLiveMC1: GameRukes has an interesting question.
Question: How do you relate to Duke Nukem of Duke Nukem 3D for PC, since he uses most of your famous quotes from the Evil Dead/Army of Darkness series?

BCmpbell: Well, they're kind a ripping us off, but hey, it's America - we'll just have to sue the daylights...
BCmpbell: out of them!

AOLiveMC1: Clairette wants to know:
Question: Bruce are you attached & if so how do your family & friends like your eclectic works?

BCmpbell: Yeah, I'm a married fool. My parents are extremely supportive.
BCmpbell: My Brothers think I'm a bit of an odd duck, I think.

AOLiveMC1: RBean 69 asks:
Question: does your personality reflect as ASH

BCmpbell: Yep - on a really bad day...

AOLiveMC1: LuluBleu wants to know:
Question: How long have you been in to acting?

BCmpbell: Since 1971 when some kid got sick during a community theater play "The King & I,"
BCmpbell: and I got a better part.

AOLiveMC1: Quark3123 wants to know:
Question: Bruce, could give thestatus on two projects your name has been mentioned in. The first is "Cold-Blooded" there hasn't been any info in months and 7th Level doesn't have a release date listed. Also, Spiderman, were you contacted to audition?

BCmpbell: The "Cold Blooded" thing will have to work itself out - but I'm not gonna be "Spidey."

OnlineHost: We are talking to "Evil Dead" Actor/Producer Bruce Campbell.

Question: how old are ya, bruce? give us some personal of birth, etc.

BCmpbell: I was born the year of the Edsel - you figure it out. I have two swell kids, a couple of wives, etc.
BCmpbell: The whole bit...

AOLiveMC1: ImHate asks:
Question: what was it like working with David Carradine?

BCmpbell: He's a very cool cat - everything is slow and methodical. He never goes up or down, just a ...
BCmpbell: straight line...

AOLiveMC1: RonK5848 wants to know:
Question: Bruce, you seem to be very good at avoiding typcasts, wahts your secret?

BCmpbell: Learn to say "No." It's really as simple as that. You have to be willing to suck some eggs for a while

AOLiveMC1: Siberri asks:
AOLiveMC3: fifo
Question: There was so much dark humor in the Dead series... whose idea was the "Farewell to Arms" thing? :)

BCmpbell: I think that was the brainchild of the co-writer, Scott Spiegel...

AOLiveMC1: FS jak=file -b chat.t
AOLiveMC1: FS jake J asks:
Question: What is the deal with "the man with the screaming brain"? are you directing it?

BCmpbell: I don't know - am I? It's been floating, half financed for a while now.

AOLiveMC1: Lyzaard asks:
Question: Concerning Army of Darkness, which ending did you prefer, the "S-mart ending" or the "I've slept too long ending"?

BCmpbell: The "I've slept too long" one. It's more appropriate for the idiot, Ash.

AOLiveMC1: Texas7610 wants to know:
Question: When are you going to New Zealand to film "Xena"? Are you stopping in Hawaii on the way?

BCmpbell: You got something we can do?

AOLiveMC1: Dezbot asks:
Question: I read that you are getting good reviews for your work in "Menno's Mind." How does it feel to get positive critical reactions?

BCmpbell: It feels good - any actor who says they don't read the reviews is a filthy liar.

AOLiveMC1: ImHate asks:
Question: who did you play in the Quick and the Dead? I've watched it a million times to no avail.

BCmpbell: I got CUT OUT. I was really just on the set visiting Sam and he forced me to do...
BCmpbell: a small part that was never really supposed to be in the film. AOLiveMC1: DEATHSTAB asks:
Question: what's your favorite band?

BCmpbell: I'm so out of it, I don't even have one.

AOLiveMC1: JLane96 wants to know:
Question: Did you think up all the one-liners in the Evil Dead trilogy?

BCmpbell: No, Sam Raimi really was behind all the lame ones. I came up with the zingers, though...

AOLiveMC1: EvilDead1 asks:
Question: I Heard rumors you were asked to play Batman is this true?

BCmpbell: No - I've gotta get call waiting!

AOLiveMC1: AUNTI LOC wants to know:

BCmpbell: It's a long, convoluted story - e-mail me and I'll bore you to tears...

AOLiveMC1: Rach20T asks:
Question: Bruce.why are you on Ellen?

BCmpbell: You got a problem with that? You want to pay my mortgage for a month or two?

AOLiveMC1: JustReno asks:
Question: What do you think of George Clooney's current "war" against the media....?

BCmpbell: I think he's a brave guy and should be commended.

AOLiveMC1: SpiralSS asks:
Question: Bruce, lay this one on me... exactly why, again, was Ashe teaching the mideival dorks how to fight with their own weapons... when he was an S-Mart clerk? Inquiring minds want to know...

BCmpbell: Because he's the collest guy on the planet, that's why...
BCmpbell: Lame speller, though...

AOLiveMC1: JoshBot asks:
Question: Are you a fan of the DOOM games? If so, would you want to do the DOOM/Quake movie(s)?

BCmpbell: No, no and no...

AOLiveMC1: Brdgetrol asks:
Question: what about another horror trilogoly

BCmpbell: Sure - cough up the dough and we'll get rolling! I really don't care what the genre is...
BCmpbell: as long as it has some merit to it.

AOLiveMC1: TabacRoya asks:
Question: Why did they kill you off so fast in Congo?

BCmpbell: Because I guess I pissed off Frank Marshall - something about an arguement over a jelly ...
BCmpbell: doughnut.

AOLiveMC1: Harris4rd asks:
Question: Given a choice, would you rather be known for your comedic or serious roles?

BCmpbell: Well - both really. As an actor, you want to shake all the "labels" put on you...

AOLiveMC1: Lyzaard wants to know:
Question: Concerning your independent film, previously titled "Blood Money", will it hit the states, in theatre or video form?

BCmpbell: Not sure yet - we sent it to the Sundance festival and will hear soon. A lot will spin off the results

AOLiveMC1: LawAce asks:
Question: Bruce, My favorite line in ED2 is when you say "now I got ya, sucker! (Referring to your hand). What was yours?

BCmpbell: "Swallow this..."

AOLiveMC1: Filslave has a personal question:
Question: How did you get the scar on your chin?

BCmpbell: I got hit by a swing when I was a kid. I wish I couyld come up with a better story.

AOLiveMC1: RDB61E asks:
Question: What do you prefer,movie or television work?

BCmpbell: Either medium is fine. TV is fast - features can tell a more complete story - I like a mixed bag.

AOLiveMC1: Phibes 3 asks:
Question: Would you like to work with John Carpenter again? Any good "Escape" stories?

BCmpbell: Yeah - Kurt Russell stepped on my foot while we were shooting a scene and I told him - Hey, buddy...
BCmpbell: I'll kick your as*!

AOLiveMC1: Oh gosh I got tons Sheilah. 52!
AOLiveMC1: ooops!
AOLiveMC1: MnLtKnigh asks:
Question: Did you enjoy working with Kelly Rutherford?

BCmpbell: Yeah - I paid the producers for those scenes! She's great - plain and simple...

AOLiveMC1: Lyzaard asks:
Question: What did you think of the makeup used for your character in Escape from L.A.?

BCmpbell: I think, "not bad for 5 hours!"\

AOLiveMC1: ANDYCAMP1 asks:
Question: Do you have any hobbies?
BCmpbell: Yep - I backpack in the boonies when I can.

AOLiveMC1: SWill4123 asks:
Question: Bruce, did you go to MSU when you where in MI?

BCmpbell: No, I dropped out of Western Michigan - lasted a whole 6 months...

AOLiveMC1: SJHS Sue asks:
Question: Do you write material (scripts etc.) you want to star in yourself instead of relying on other writers to come up with material?

BCmpbell: Yeah, I have started doing that - development is a long process that will hopefully pay...
BCmpbell: off soon.

AOLiveMC1: ForSoNatu wants to know:
Question: Is there anyone specific that you would like to work with (actors and actresses) in the future?

BCmpbell: Harrison Ford would be about the coolest, I think - he could be my younger, wimpier brother or..
BCmpbell: something.

AOLiveMC1: FS jake J asks:
Question: Are you going to be on the Show "Wierd Science" or is this just a rumor?

BCmpbell: No rumor - should be on in Feb sometime.

AOLiveMC1: Dezbot has a big question:
Question: Which experience did you like better, working on "Homicide" or "Ellen"? I personally feel that your performance on H:LOTS was excellent, your finest work that I've seen (to date, of course!), and that you are seriously underused on "Ellen."

BCmpbell: I liked "Homicide" a lot myself, but they are really different birds, eh? "Ellen" is for giggles.

AOLiveMC1: AUNTI LOC says:

BCmpbell: Yeah, and they are in serious need of a hobby.

AOLiveMC1: LuluBleu asks:
Question: Yeah Bruce have you had anytime to do a film or does Ellen take up to much time?

BCmpbell: I've been able to do a bunch of other stuff - "Jeff & Jill" a tv flick on NBC will be out in Feb

AOLiveMC1: Lyzaard asks an interesting question:
Question: In the light that most of your first films were horror-oriented, I was curious if you believe in the supernatural, yourself?

BCmpbell: No, not one little tiny bit.

AOLiveMC1: FS jake J asks:
Question: was that really you doing a flip in "Mindwarp" or a stunt man?

BCmpbell: ME, DUDE - ME...

AOLiveMC1: ANDYCAMP1 asks:
Question: Is it true Sam Raimi almost killed you with a motorcycle in the first Evil Dead?

BCmpbell: Yes - it was the last shot of the film and the camera was mounted on the front of it -...
BCmpbell: and the maniac rammed me.

AOLiveMC1: Dezbot asks:
Question: How does it feel to be the star of the highest-rated Fox TV movie ever, "Tornado!"? ;)

BCmpbell: It feels good - helps take the "Brisco" lump in my throat away.
BCmpbell: %n

AOLiveMC1: RonK5848 wants to know:
Question: Why is Jenifer Jason Leigh your favorite actress?

BCmpbell: Because she is totally professional - never blew a line - EVER - she's a dedicated acting machine!

AOLiveMC1: Phibes 3 asks:
Question: Bruce, will you be returning to the realm of low-budget horror, now that you've gone" legit"?

BCmpbell: It really, truly depends on the part - I have made no hard, fast rules about types of films...

AOLiveMC1: XYNC wants to know:
Question: Do you think that being from Detroit has anything to do with the development of your wry sense of humor (as evidenced in your fab portrayals of Brisco & Autolycus, et al)?

BCmpbell: Yeah - it's the water from the Great Lakes, I think. The Mid-westerners are a hearty breed I...
BCmpbell: think, not like these wimpy Californians.

AOLiveMC1: DBurton97 asks:
Question: What happened with "Moon over Miami"?? I liked the interplay on that one between the principal characters--it was funny too.....

BCmpbell: Wrong guy - right show...

AOLiveMC1: Shesmu wants to know:
Question: Bruce, I have to say that I am eagerly awating the next bout of genius from that creative mind. Any hints as to the future of Bruce Campbell?

BCmpbell: E-mail me and I'll send you a list of upcoming stuff...

AOLiveMC1: SpiralSS wants the dirt.
Question: What's the worst project you've ever been involved with? C'mon, you can say it... I won't tell anyone...

BCmpbell: You know, I really can't answer that - each film/tv thing has something really great...
BCmpbell: and every project has something that could have been done much better - myself included.

AOLiveMC1: The time has really slipped by! Only enough for one final question.
AOLiveMC1: Phibes 3 wants to know:
Question: If you could do ANY sort of picture at this point, what would it be about and what would you wanna play?

BCmpbell: The eternal question. I like big, hammy, far parts where the character is an average Joe...
BCmpbell: put in extreme situations.

AOLiveMC1: Thank you so much for dropping by and answering our questions, Bruce!

BCmpbell: Well, by golly, many thanks to all the "listeners." I hope we can do this again - soon! Best...

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BCmpbell: Oh yeah - buy an Olds...

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