The genie clapped his hands twice with a sound like thunder and there was a brilliant flash. Suddenly all three bears were wearing tutus; frilly pink tutus that were very expensive looking and feminine. These were magical tutus that didn’t end at the skin. No, these tutus went straight down to your soul.

The baby bear was shocked. “No!” he cried. “I look silly! What if my mates see me?? I must run and hide!” And off he flew into the forest.

The father bear looked down and bellowed “NOOOOOOOOOOO! I am not secure enough in my masculinity to wear a tutu!” And off he flew into the forest.

Then momma bear looked down and said “My goodness! Isn’t this lovely? I do feel very pretty now! I almost feel like dancing!” And she lumbered off on four paws into the center of town near the maypole and did a pretty little dance for everyone.


Copyright M. Crowe, 2007.