The mysterious boy in foreign clothes went back to the mayor and said, “See? I have banished your bear problem! Well… mostly. Two out of three isn’t bad, and I should at least get half pay for the girl bear. She’s not a threat to the town anymore. So that will be 12,500 gold and I shall be leaving.”

The mayor shuffled in his seat a bit. “Well, look at the time! And the month! And see where the sun is in the sky! Funny you should bring up the subject of payment. Turns out we had a piper through here just last week, so we’re a bit short at the moment. Perhaps you could come back sometime next year?”

The boy rolled his eyes and went out to the town center again, being sure not to be pulled in to dance with the bear. A dark and fearsome look came upon his face and he rubbed his magic lamp. The horrible genie filled the sky of the town center with his dark scarlet cloud and the townspeople trembled.

“Give ‘em ALL tutus, okay?” he requested of the genie.

“Sure thing!”

With a roll of thunder and a brilliant flash of light, the entire town was suddenly wearing tutus.


Copyright M. Crowe, 2007.