Either a Christmas list, birthday list, list of things I plan to get myself after Christmas, whatever. If you make a christmas list, you look greedy, if you dont, you get things you dont like. And then a zillion people ask you "what do you want for christmas" and you have to try to remember everything. This is so much easier.

MOM:FYI: Just cause I have a link, a lot of the time it's just so you can see what it is, not so that you buy it from anyone in particular, a lot of these things you can find a lot of places....

Art Nouveau Tarot

28"-30" gold-toned snake link necklace (smooth cable appearance). Yeah. That'll definitely happen.

Snoozy Babies!! Especially Woolie or Butterscotch...

Relaxorium Long Sleeve T-shirt

Jingle Dogs CD

Here Comes Santa Claws CD

Invader Zim Irken Elite T-Shirt XL

Invader Zim Gir Figure

Invader Zim Perfectly Normal T-Shirt XL

Invader Zim Gir Swirl Tee XL

Invader Zim Screaming Long Sleeve T-Shirt XL

Sock Kitty With Santa Hat

Responsible Adult Shirt xl

The Road to El Dorado

The Emperor's New Groove

Tallis: Sacred Choral Works / Christophers, The Sixteen

Men With Brooms

Sports Night

The Critic

Rubbermaid® Plastic Edge Magazine Holders, 12/Pack. CHEAP!! You can afford more than one pack!! YAYYY!!

Fairly GothParents T-shirt, XL. It's not a direct link because these peoples coding sucks, but you can see it and then go to the main url...

I also, other than the comic books, have no Teen Titans Swag. Pretty much anything except the battling machines are cool, but most wanted are the action figures (Beast Boy? Starfire?) and DVD.