Rimshot's Fridge

Where one of our more prolific artists struts his proverbial stuff.....

Hi, I'm Rimshot. This is the space where I'm supposed to say something about my background. Codswallop. Anything you need to know is summed up by A) the fact that I mess around in Photoshop when I ought to be sleeping, and B) the fact that I live with Fritters. Be afraid. be very afraid.

The line that was here was removed as a public service.

There. Now wasn't that a nice introduction?

The next ones were made specifically as backgrounds. With the exception of the Yoda pic, pretty much every graphic was created inside of Photoshop, using it's filters (as were, in fact, the tiles and the, um, gun-barrel looking thingy above). Proof that I have way too much time on my hands.

The next two I made for Fritters, who's a bit of a Reboot fan. A teeny bit of a fan. A smidge of a fan, really, all things considered...

Two more backgrounds that are pretty much uncatagorizable, but neat none the less...

And, finally, two 'before and after' sets of photos. The first is my Grandfather, taken back around 1940. Yes, he really wore his hair that way. The second is...well, if you can't figure out who the second is, pity. It's still a nice clean up job, in my personal opinion.

That's about it. Thanks for looking. We now return you to your regularly scheduled medication. Be nice to the lady wearing whites when she comes by...you never know if it might be Nurse Ratchett.

So where to now?
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