I took a lot of pictures of people's pets, but I pared it down to just a couple. Here's a real pretty dog who was actually Miss March in a calendar recently. And she's wearing a pretty necklace!

Yeah, it's a crappy picture, but I took three pics of the hawk and sadly, this is the best I got. The bird refused to look in the right direction. Bastard.

Nothing says a quiet peaceful Sunday like a girl out for a walk with her mountain lion. Isn't the kitty pretty? I got a BUTTLOAD of pics of her...

I THINK this is a sparrow hawk. Regardless, here's a pretty birdie. Let's all look at the pretty birdie.

It's not the world's best shot, but it was too close and good not to use, big ass white table notwithstanding. More mountain lion, obviously.

Once again, the best picture I could get of a baby duck preening on a rock. There were buttloads of ducks and lots of babies as well. We also went around and poked dead fish with sticks with Amber, but I forgot the camera for that part.

Big ducks, little ducks.

"Man, this bus is REALLY slow..."

Sleepy sleepy sleepy..... And after all, you can't sleep without your favorite stuffed animal, can you?

It's hard to take a good picture when the paparazzi gets you while you're eating...

From all the animal pics, you'd think I went to a zoo instead of a powwow. Well, here's more animal pictures!! Horses, obviously.

Oh, you can't edit this or say anything in particular, it's too perfect.

We have maaaannnny tiny doggies.

Here's a wild thought. Why don't we actually take pictures of the indian village they went to all the trouble of assembling for everyone instead of just a bunch of animals?

Teepees! YAYYY!!!

Inside a teepee! Many educational opportunities in here!

Last picture, hope you liked them.