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Welcome, one and all, (although I get the sneaking suspicion that people who prefer men to women may like this page more than the others)!!! Here is your definitive list of who the Sexiest Men on the Planet are. Aren't you glad someone finally decided that so you don't have to lay awake at night wondering who is sexier than others? And of course, my opinion is TOTALLY unbiased and you can trust me that this is God's Honest Definitive Truth.

We are now in the process of shaking up the top three! Go over to the Top Three section to vote on who will be 1, 2 and 3!

A little information on our judging criterion. First of all, This Is Not A Beauty Pageant. Sexyness in this sense is based partially on looks, but also acting ability, interviews, stage presence, intelligence, and basically every piece of information I receive. So, these are not just the best looking men in the world, but overall most attractive in every way.

The genesis of this page came about when I was bored while surfing the net (yes, that can happen, dear) and decided to look up "sexy men". I found lots of pages relating to sex, but nothing to just relax and scan over. Therefore, I have tried to remedy this situation here.


I've recently finished editing ChikStories: Custom Fantasies for Women. Tired of reading a romantic or steamy story, and thinking about a guy with long blonde hair only to read about a guy with short black hair? Then go here and put your OWN details in! No more hearing in your head a fantastic guy saying "Oh, Sarah!" only to read "Oh, Felicia!" Click the guy on the left to check it out now! (it will open in a new window so you can still look at sexy guys if you want...)

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Kathie's "Sexy Sexy Men" page is a sister page to this one with lots of the sexy men I was such a total prig to leave off of here! Don't see what you're looking for here? Then go there!!!

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