Angus MacFadyen, who is approx. 5' 10", was born the 21st of October 1963, and for those into astrology, that puts his Sun in Libra, moon in Sagittarius, Mercury in Libra, and both his Venus and Mars in Scorpio. He originally went to audition for the part of Edward II in Braveheart--that's right, Edward II, the homosexual son of British King Edward Longshanks, not Robert the Bruce. But Angus had no intention of playing "another wimp," so he stoked his courage with a bottle of wine, and went to talk to Braveheart director and star Mel Gibson. "I explained that I knew that Bruce was on offer to someone, but I didn't want to play anyone else," MacFadyen told Scottish newspapers. "And I talked about how I thought the character should be played."

Angus' usual home is in London, but he's been known to live in Los Angeles, California lately. Another film for which he's known is called the "BRYLCREEM BOYS" in which he plays a World War 2 German air pilot(possible release this year...), filmed on the Isle of Man, running time 105 minutes. Angus plays a World War 2 German air pilot, in 1941. The movie is based in 1941--as part of an effort to remain strictly neutral--the Dublin Government made a deal with both Berlin and London whereby any soldier captured on Irish soil, whether of German or Allied forces, would be interned for the duration of the war. What the Irish failed to mention was that they would intern everbody in the same camp. It is here that two Canadian and German airmen meet, outside the camp, both fall in love with an independent Irishwoman, who refuses to choose sides in their private war. Gabriel Byrne stars.

Another movie of his is Snide And Prejudice, in which he plays a mentally ill man who thinks he's Adolph Hitler. He's also worked on a script which he'll direct that asks the questions: "What is success and failure?" and, "In order to be an artist, must you be tortured?" Another movie he plays an important role in was Death Valley with Eric Roberts in Las Vegas. "It's about an insane Frenchman who tries to rebuild the Versailles palace in the middle of the desert to make it into a gambling casino," he laughs, adding, "he's mad." Also recently finished, Angus plays the lead in "Lanai-Loa", a supernatural ghost story in which MacFadyen plays an American cop drawn into a web of murder. This movie is the first from a company called Chrome Dragon, which was founded last year by filmmakers Francis Ford coppola and Wayne Wang.

According to the BBC, you can reach Angus by Snail Mail at:

Angus MacFadyen
c/o I.C.M. Oxford House
76 Oxford Road
London W1R 1RD