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From Jennifer... I was at the MacBraveheart website last night and there is a question and answer forum. One of the questions was about a movie about Robert the Bruce. An answer was given that at the time of writing (May 1999) a movie backed by Mel Gibson is going to be made about Robert the Bruce and Angus MacFadyen is going to take the part. Anyone heard anything on this?

From Catherine, another List Member, and rabid Angus Fan ;) "Natasha Henstridge, Angus Macfadyen and Peter Fonda will star in the thriller 'Second Skin' for Alliance Atlantis' Le Monde Entertainment. The movie, which begins production May 8 on location in South Africa, concerns a man (Macfadyen) who opens a small-town bookstore in order to escape his connections to a mobster (Fonda). When he meets a mysterious stranger (Henstridge), the bookstore owner is reluctantly drawn back to his dark past."

From Joanna, one of our List Members....
    "Hey guys! I just found out that Angus did a whole bunch out dialogue in the Braveheart computer game. The article below is found at this link. I gotta get this game!

    Here's the part of the article that talked about Angus!

    'Another nicety will be the fact that the talent of Angus MacFadyen, who both narrated and starred in the film as Robert the Bruce, has recorded hours of new dialogue, which will be featured in the game. The narration within the game will also be done by Angus MacFadyen which ensure a richness in quality, authenticity, and setting the stage for the game.'"

Here is a FABULOUS story from Care Sebourn, who was Studio Teacher in Nevada (she is even in the credits! If we're lucky, she may send us more info in the future! Thank you, Care!

"Not only am I an 'Angus' fan but a sincere movie buff. That is part of the reason I enjoy working on movie crews. You asked me if I have seen the movie 'Nevada', absolutely! As part of the crew, I attended the cast party as well as received a "director's cut" of the movie. As you requested, I would be happy to share some of the wonderful memories about my time on the set of "Nevada". I must however state that there are somethings that might be considered personal by Mr. Macfayden and I would not feel it would be fair or right of me to discuss. He is a really really neat guy but, he bleeds when he is cut just like you and I do, I do not want to be the one holding the knife.

"I am thrilled that you guys have started his web site, he is trully a talented actor with a promising future. I found him to be a soft-spoken man who was very kind but also had a bit of the devil in his eye if you know what I mean. Let me tell you how I met him:

"As I stated before, he and the Nevada cast were staying at my hotel in Ridgecrest, CA. I was standing with my back to the check-in desk doing paperwork with one of my desk clerks named Jean. We had been busy that day as we also were housing the cast and crew of Johnny Depp's movie, 'The Brave'(it has not been released yet, but I also worked on that one ). Jean (who is a lovely lady in her 50's) came up behind me and whispered in my ear, 'Don't make it obvious, but turn around and look what's standing at the desk.' I turned around and found myself face to face with Angus. Please keep in mind that I had no idea who he was. He was wearing jeans and a T-shirt and had his hair pushed back with his sun glasses. To be honest he took my breath away. I said,'hi' and he said, 'hello'. Jean was behind me and all she could do was stand there.

" 'Are you here to check-in sir?', I asked him.

" 'Yes,Please!' He looked very hot and tired.

" 'Your name sir?'

" 'Angus Macfadyen'.

" 'Mr. Macfadyen, are you here with a movie crew?'

"He answered in a very rich, thick Scottish brogue and simply stated that he was here with the movie 'Nevada'. I told him it would be just one moment and I preceded to get his paperwork. As I was going to the office, I passed Jean still standing there, she was gaping at the poor guy. As I walked by her, I elbowed her lightly and told her to please close her gapping mouth and wipe the drool from her chin. and help me find Mr. Macfadyen's registration card. From behind the desk came this fabulously rich male laughter. To my embarrassment, Angus had heard every word I had said.! I tried to regain what was left of my dignity (which wasn't much) and returned with his paperwork. As he was filling it out, I asked him what job he was doing with the movie crew. He looked up and smiled and said he was one of the actors. I started to laugh and said, 'Yeah right, don't we all wish!'

" 'No really, what do you do?' Again, he broke out in a very large smile and told me he was an actor/waiter, usually more a waiter, but he was playing the part of the lead actress' husband. Lucky her I thought. I apologized and he graciously said that he was not well known in the US. To be very honest, I still didn't know if I believed him. What surprises me is that he was not arrogant like alot of stars. He could of said, 'Hey, I played Robert the Bruce in Braveheart you stupid woman', but he did not defend himself. I did not recognize him as "THE BRUCE" because back then I watched the movie to see Mel Gibson. You will be happy to hear however,that I have come to my senses and now watch it to see my Scottish hunk, Angus.

"He asked me if it was always this hot up here and I told him pretty much so. We did alot of small talking while they were preparing his room. I found him to be more than just a physical hunk. I thought he was intelligent and fairly witty. His accent drove me wild. He talks kinda soft and very rich and sexy. Out on the set, I noticed a very boy-like side to him and perhaps a wee bit of onryness in his gorgeous eyes(or perhaps it was the sun, it was 128 in the shade). I have a lot more to tell you, but I will save it for another time. I truly believe that Angus has yet to find the right role that will cater pole him into mega stardom. I have watched him work and I know he has super talent

"It's just a matter of time."

All fans who have info feel free to mail me with it! I will include it here and thank you up and down!!!