The "Edward Debate" Section

Where the sordid romantic life of Edward II is discussed in excruciating detail! ;)

Here are some historical corrections from Megan..." Edward II was not at all a homosexual. He was married to Isabella of France who bore him a son, Edward III--not the son of William Wallace as insinuated by Braveheart. Edward II was certainly an ineffectual and unpopular king (though he reigned for 20 years)--so unpopular that he was forced to renounce the throne. He also could quite likely have been a milquetoast, but he was not a homosexual. I wasn't there, of course, but those are the facts."

And from Laurie, who lists herself as an "ancient and medieval hobbyist"... I agree with Elizabeth. It is entirely true that a homosexual is capable of fathering a was the fashion in ancient Greece to be homosexual, but the law of society and religion to have a son. Secondly, it is known that Edward II was homosexual. After he abdicated the throne in favor of his "son", Isabella and her lover killed him by putting a burning fireplace poker where his lovers had "put theirs"...not a very well known fact. Nobles had known that he was killed by her and her lover (the reason both I and the Braveheart writers doubt the origin of her child), and the clergy preached to commoners that he died because he took too many baths (thus making his "dandy" type character in the movie just as correct). I myself only found the truth behind his death in a single source, and stumbled upon it by accident."

And more from our contributor Megan....."Just a clarification about Edward II's being a homosexual to those who responded to my initial message. If he was a homosexual, he would *not* have fathered any children. Neither would have Oscar Wilde.

I'm being picky about the use of the word "homosexual." Edward and Oscar would certainly be more aptly described as "bisexual" since both fathered children in addition to their same-sex liaisons.

I'm also bothered by the way "homosexual" seems to be used as a derogatory description. Without getting into the vagaries of human sexuality and the moral argument about homosexuality, to use Angus' "wimp" would be more palatable, in my opinion. "Effeminate" would have been even more so.

One of my very best friends is a gay man, so I guess I'm just defensive about the use of such labels."

And from Richard, who is studying this period for his degree (!)... "Of course Braveheart was not exactually factual but Edward was gay its a well known fact. He was married but he was well known first for having the rather personal favorite personal of Piers Gaveston(who was murdered because of this)and some other bloke who's name I can't remember. He did have a wife and son, but it was his wife who had him deposed(sexual frustration?!) although really he was kicked out for being a bit crap compared to his dad although it is thought he was killed by method of red hot poker up the ass. Ouch!"

From Alyssa, who is on the Angusfans Mailing List!

Anyway, according to the royal lineage, kept in London, Edward III is the son of Edward II, Carnaervon, king of England. Isabelle, his consort, was known to have many lovers, and was not secret about any of them. She had an aversion to Edward, and ran with a crowd of disillusioned Englishmen, who adored her, and plotted to overthrow Carnaervon. At the time of Edward III's birth, she was pretty much exclusive with Roger Mortimer, so he is, if the royal lineage is wrong, most likely the father of Edward. Once she had concieved, she traveled to France with Mortimer, and raised an army to overthrow Carnaervon. After Mortimer and Isabelle had overthrown Carnaervon, they became the regents for Isabelle's son, Edward (who was, I believe at least a toddler by this time...Can't remember when Carnaervon was overthrown). Isabelle and Mortimer were joint regents for a time, until Edward III seized his throne, and had Mortimer executed.

Thank you all for the interesting and frequently sordid view of history! ;)